Sunday, 19 June 2011

A disagree about the spoon and such

Ray. Ray. Pass me a spoon, Ray.

I will not pass you a spoon. I am too busy with my own things and my own life to pass you a spoon.

I need a spoon, Ray. That is what I need right now. For you to pass me a spoon, Ray.

You cannot make me pass you a spoon. I have things: activities and such.

A man is not too active and such to pass a man a spoon, Ray. This is what makes the world go round.

I haven't got the energy and the whatnot for worlds and rounds. I cannot do what you ask.

Will not or cannot, Ray?

Will not... Cannot... Both. 'Wannot'.

Don't make me eat this with my fingers, Ray.

You need to eat that with your fingers. This is my decision. I can now carry on with my things.

Why would you do that to a man, Ray? I need a spoon, Ray.

I don't know why I would do that to a man. I have my own life.

Fingers, Ray. I need a spoon so I do not eat with my fingers.

This is a disagree. We have a disagree about the spoon and the fingers. I do not even know what you are eating.

You do not know, Ray?

Do not... Cannot... Both. 'Doughnut'.

I am eating spoons, Ray. I read about it in a magazine and now I'm doing it. I'm using my fingers, Ray. Using my damn fingers.

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