Friday, 23 March 2012

Eyeball scrawls: #Flashtag writing competition now open

The 2012 #Flashtag Writing Competition is now open.

This is how to enter. Write an amazing story no longer than 500 words. Then e-mail your story to us.

Simple, really. Oh and there are rules. It's all over at the competition website.

We ran this competition in 2011 to a phenomenal response, and it ended up with a drunken results evening where shortlistees got to read their compositions. The judges are the #Flashtag writing group, who are (and I can only speak for the others here) a bunch of talented, passionate and soon-to-be-bigger-than-a... um... very-large-cake writers.

It's all part of Chorlton Arts Festival and the deadline is 27th April 2012 so get scrawling!

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