Thursday, 31 May 2012

Order Adropiean Galactic Lego Set Blues now

“Crosswits presenter Tom O’Connor was still talking. I brushed him in the face until he stopped.”

My debut illustrated anthology Adropiean Galactic Lego Set Blues, which contains the first UK printing of the Manchester Fiction Prize-commended story You. Me. And This, is now available to order,

Title: Adropiean Galactic Lego Set Blues
Author: Fat Roland
Illustrator: Fat Roland
Price: £5.00 (+p&p)
Size: A5
Pages: 84
Publication Date: 8 June 2012
Format: Paperback
BIC code: FYB
BIC subject: Short stories
Audience: General/trade 
Click here for full product details.
Order now. Allow a few days for delivery.

Order Adropiean Galactic Lego Set Blues

UK buyers, click here to order the book now.
If you don't want to click there, do this instead:

Pay into this Paypal account: dj (at)
The amount you're paying will tell me how many copies you want.

In the comments to the seller, include: Your name and delivery address. 
Very important!

1 copy (incl p&p): £6.00
For each additional copy, just add on £5.25.
So... 2 copies (incl p&p): £11.25
3 copies (incl p&p): £16.50
4 copies (incl p&p): £21.75
5 copies (incl p&p): £27.00
Non-UK orders: These are UK rates only. For a non-UK delivery, just pop your order on an email to dj (at) and I'll quote you a delivery price.
Non-posted orders:. Copies will also be on sale from me and from events I attend because I'm the ultimate book pimp ("bimp").
Non-paper orders:. Will there be a Kindle version? No. This is a real book that you can punch / kiss / shred / vote for mayor.

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