Saturday, 19 January 2013


My new book is at the printers. Hey.

I am cacking my longjohns. Hey hey.

It has been designed and edited to insane levels. The 25 stories that made the final cut for the anthology had to go through a Tron-style battle where the futuristic bikes were made from terror and self-doubt. Hey hey hey.

And now all I do is hope that when the books come back from the printers, they are not made from broken windows and half-chewed eyeballs. Hey hey hey hey.

Someone is interviewing me on Tuesday. Hey hey hey hey hey.

I have been tagged in a meme, which I shall use to promote the new book. Hey hey hey hey hey hey.

I will launch the book in an art gallery event. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.

My longjohns are cacked. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.

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